Frank's Used Musical Instrument Sale:

Hello Friends,

I am trimming down my belongings. I have quite a few instruments that I love, and have used on many recordings, but, I need to make some room in my crowded house :))  

I have just posted these on Craig's List - however, I am going to float these by here, just in case any of my friends might be looking for such things: (They are odd gems: mostly in good working order, some slightly creaky, well loved, and beaten; some have a few bugs, and a few are crunchy but all have their own charm to balance)

All of these instruments are in CHICAGO, and available for pick up - if you live outside Chicago, you will have to arrange shipping.

EMAIL me with any questions Re: these instruments...       ( list the instrument you are interested in, and any questions you might have )

Vihuela: $150 - posted
it sounds beautiful as an open tuning instrument... but the intonation is terrible, so if you try to play chords, it's doesn't sound good..

MPC 3000: $ 1500 - posted
8fatfat work horse.  

Turkish Stringed Instrument: $200“yayli tambur”  - Posted

Magnatone Troubadour electric guitar amplifier: $1,000 - posted

MPC 1000 - $800 - posted

Tambura: $600- posted
Beautiful Drone instrument from India

Rare 7 String eastern European Steal String Guitar: $300 - posted