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Thievery Corporation News:


Up-coming Thievery Corporation News:
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PDP's Frank Orrall 
will be out on tour performing
with T.C. in  the following cities: 



One of the many things I like about Thievery Corporation is that they like to sing and play acoustic instruments on the bus or in the hotel room after the show. When I joined T.C. back in 2000 (or so) I had sort of given up the guitar in favor of other instruments, but it was these late night jam sessions with them (a supposed 'electronic band') that brought me back to the guitar - and now my love for the guitar is stronger than it has ever been. T.C. Principle; Rob Garza (seen here in the top 2 photos) is the main reason I found the guitar again. These pictures are from the the last tour in our Philly hotel room 'unwinding' 4 a.m. style.


Frank singin Revolution for the Corporation
Photo by Yale Gurney

Thievery Corporation's new album  "Radio Retaliation" out now!


PDP's Frank Orrall & El John Nelson are featured  percussionists on the new Thievery Corporation disc. 
<<<- Click on the Album cover to listen  


Frank Orrall, Eric Hilton & Roberto Garza - D.C. Waterfront
Photo by Brian Liu




Internationally acclaimed artists Thievery Corporation are set to release their 5th studio album entitled Radio Retaliation on September 23rd on ESL Music. Thievery Corporation, comprised of the highly regarded DJ and production duo Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, are best known for fusing a vast array of cultural influences in their music. This record takes their trademark “outernational” aesthetic to the next level with inspiration from sounds from Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

 The album was recorded in the band’s hometown of Washington, DC and the vibe is decidedly political which is no surprise given the high profile presidential campaign happening this year.

 "Radio Retaliation is definitely a more overt political statement," says Garza of Thievery Corporation. "There’s no excuse for not speaking out at this point, with the suspension of habeas corpus, outsourced torture, illegal wars of aggression, fuel, food, and economic crises. It’s hard to close your eyes and sleep while the world is burning around you. If you are an artist, this is the most essential time to speak up."

 "Apart from a few independent bastions, there is no musical or informational freedom on the US airwaves anymore. They’ve been bought up, consolidated and homogenized. Radio Retaliation is about an exodus of conscious people who are willing to acknowledge something is wrong with the ‘official version’ in news and culture," explains Hilton.

 With Radio Retaliation Thievery Corporation raise the bar with a new cast of musical collaborators including; Nigeria’s afro-beat heir Femi Kuti, Brazilian star vocalist and guitarist Seu Jorge, Indian sitar virtuoso Anushka Shankar, Slovakian chanteuse and violinist Jana Andevska, and Washington DC’s own go-go originator Chuck Brown. Also returning are long time co-conspirators Sleepy Wonder, LouLou, Notch, Zee, Frank Orrall, John Nelson and Verny Varela.

 A pre-release will be available on iTunes on September 9th which will feature an exclusive non- album track entitled "Philosopher’s Stone" available for the two weeks leading up to the CD hitting retail outlets.

 Thievery Corporation will also team with Facebook and iLike for their first major music promotion to showcase Radio Retaliation on their community of web sites. The campaign starts a few days prior to the album release. INgrooves is managing all digital distribution and marketing efforts to online and mobile channels worldwide.

 The band take their show on the road with an impressive 15 member live band for select dates in the U.S. and Europe this fall and will also hit the festival circuit in the spring and summer of ’09. Announced dates include: October 10 & 11 in Greece, 10/16 in Romania, 10/24 in Houston, 10/25 at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, and 10/26 in Dallas.














This is an amazing video caturing the creation of a mixed media artwork of Marvin Gaye for the restaurant "Marvin" (owned by Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation) in Washington D.C. by artist designers Brian Liu and Nick P. of Toolbox D.C..





Toolbox D.C.

Brian Liu and Nick P. of Toolbox D.C. also designed the beautiful cover, c.d. and booklet for PDP's "In seed comes fruit".