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The song you are listening to is "Glad and Sorry", a Ronnie Lane song he recorded with the FACES.

We were introduced to Ronnie Lane through the great band "The Seven Samurai" in Austin...

read & listen on dear reader...

Letter from Seven Samurai member Jody Denberg:

Thank you so much for sending me the Ronnie Lane tribute page. Tres cool. I smile just seeing Ronnie's face.
I am so glad we were all so blessed to share together in the magic of Ronnie & "the boys" - and how fate threw us all together from distant places.

(Face's keyboardist) Ian McLagan played the at La Zona Rosa the other night, and Cindy Toth from The Reivers and I were watching at the side of the stage. I told her how in NYC in 1972 I had the (nasty) poster from the Faces LP "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink" over my bed. She said she did too!
It was a collage of polaroids (Some pics of girls without their shirts on ! Some pics with illegal substances!)
It seemed so "underground" to have that poster hanging in your teenage room.
(I also had the one from the "Imagine" LP cover with the white Imagine piano
- a piano that me and my buddy JD Foster got to stand next to in the Dakota some 25+ years later - but I indulgently digress. Sorry..).

Anyway I learned Ronnie's songs from vinyl growing up. So I knew a few of his songs by heart. And when I met Ronnie in 1986 (1987?) it was in a recording studio that a guy named Patrick Keel was working at. Ronnie wheeled up in his chair with a tribute T shirt on to The Stones' late piano player/right hand man (kicked out of the Stones cause he wasn't cute enough)
Ian Stewart. I told Ronnie I knew some of his Faces songs
and he said "go on then." So I played "Debris" for him.

I remember doing that song at the Continental Club with everyone that night you were there Frank,
(I told Ronnie I was in a band and we did some of his songs).
He came out, we invited him up, and he was helped to the stage and leaned on a stool and sang.
No rehearsal. We sang "Debris": "Oh you was my hero/now you are my good friend".

Who'd a thunk it was gonna be true for us all?

(I even got to be on a CD with Susan Voelz, Alejandro Escovedo & me ("Ronnie Lane Live in Austin")
that has one or 2 songs he never did live before or after.

So thanks again for the link and what was connected to it.

And thanks for inviting me to sing "Ooh La La" with Poi Dog at Antones last year.
That truly was a thrill to be on stage with so many beloved people
(and with such great gear and sound. You guys are used to that. It rocks).

What a sweet night for all.

It's a short movie.

Enjoy Every Sandwich.



Austin, Tx.,  1988

While recording the first PDP e.p., our bass player Bruce Hughes told Ted and I to come to the continental club to to see this band he was in. It was "Ronnie Lane and the 7 Samurai".
They were amazing! Ronnie Lane was singing, Alejandro Escovedo was on guitar, and Susan Voelz was on the violin, Max Crawford on trumpet, Bruce Hughes was on the bass, & Dickie (?) on banjo and austin radio legend Jody Denberg on guitar and voice.

We were so blown away! After the set we searched out Bruce to introduce us to Max and Susan, and we asked them if they would play on our record.
That's how the Austin version of the band started.
I knew there was some magic in the air, and now I can see that that was because all the musicians on stage knew the special water their leader (Ronnie) was carrying with him - but I didn't know about him at the time.
I met him that night, and he was as kind as can be, a sweet rascal. But I had no idea who he was. 
I had always loved the "Faces", but didn't really know who Ronnie was. It was only later that I came to Really know about the "Small Faces" and "Faces", and about Ronnie's history, (and that he was THE bass player in both those bands!).
A true Gentleman for sure, by all accounts from those who played with him and knew him.   (F.Q.O. 2009)

The song you are listening to is "Glad and Sorry" a Ronnie Lane song he recorded with the FACES.

Susan Voelz covered this song on her
"Summer Crashing" album out of her respect and affection for Ronnie Lane. Listen to it here ->>>>

Susan Voelz - Summer Crashing

(A right proper Dandy too! ...I might add...)


During the recording of "7", the Faces and the Small Faces were a huge inspiration to us.
This is the flier (below) for our 'after release' show 'after party'. We included Ronnie Lane in the lower left hand corner of the flier - and he was there at the party drinking "Scotch and Cokes" in spirit for sure!   70's style decadence.