"Shake of Big Hands" (1st Chicago Version)


"Shake of Big Hands" (1st Chicago Version)

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I'm quickly dusting off the old ghosts,
Waking the sleeping giants,
Nudging the dozing shards of beautiful shooting stars,
The demos, out-takes and contenders, passed over, or overlooked on the frenzy,
Still relevant and beautiful, maybe now with broken nose, crooked teeth,
but, with nobility and loyalty.
I love these songs and 1st attempts. I am loyal to them.
Truth knows they were loyal to us.

Expect a steady stream of buried treasure in the coming months…

1st up… this little gift is this the precursor to the final version that made it onto the "POMEGRANATE" album. (This song holds deep history for PDP, as it is the very 1st PDP song ever written).
The story here is: When we 1st met Martin Stebbing at Lounge Ax, he invited us into his studio (Battery, at the time) to record. We tracked this song (among others).  
This version quoted both a Led Zep song and a Lou Reed song - which was fun for us, a salute to huge influences…  - but in these Litigious times, we never released it. But.. here is the fabulous reach around of how to get about all the Litigious-ness… we are giving this away. :)))))))) Here ya go. Free.

What does this signify? :
This is a precursor to a "Sweeping Up the Cutting Room Floor - Part 2"
& and "Sweeping up the cutting room floor's; Dance Floor"

It's gonna happen fast.

(And truth be told - it's just to distract you while we continue to record and mix the new PDP album :)))

Little Blossoms falling down.