"Volo Volo" Poi Dog Pondering

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"Volo Volo" Poi Dog Pondering

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VOLO VOLO    Poi Dog Pondering   Full Length Album:    * 1992
This began as an instrumental record, When our label contact heard what we were making he flew right down to Austin and said, point blank:
"Columbia wants a lyric record or else they're gonna drop the band."
In-sensed by this form of control PDP decided rather than to quit or quibble, to take their cue from Madona; "Gain power, then do what you want with it", so they wrote a stone solid pop lyric record, put boxing gloves on for the cover photo and let Columbia know they were in the ring. "In retrospect, I'm glad Columbia pushed us - cause it ended up producing 2 good records - the one we meant to make (Palm Fabric Orchestra) and Volo Volo.... " 
That's a good story - and true... but an equally important truth is; when the band was on tour in England in 89 and they heard the Happy Mondays, that kinda started a revolution in the poi sound. And with Palm Fabric in the bag - they were happy to move on and explore again. You can start to hear it here.
The band got hate mail from fans who feared they sold out when volo volo hit.

 1. Lackluster
 2. Collarbone
 3. Get Me O
 4. The Hardest Thing
 5. Ta Bouche Est Tabou
 6. I've Got My Body
 7. Jack Ass Ginger
 8. Be The One
 9. Tall
 10. Building
 11. Te Manu Pukarua
 12. Blood And Thunder
 13. Entrance
 14. Endtrance